Crochet Talk

Today was a wonderful day of playing hooky. I mean this here in the literal way — see, even though I have a Master’s degree, I am currently unemployed. Well, sort of. I do teach some voice lessons and babysit, but right now I don’t have a “real” job. I am actively searching though….anyone need a music minister?? (Yes, I am shamefully plugging myself here!)

I have definitely had my moments of melt down and discouragement during the job search process, but I have to be honest — most of the time I’m really enjoying the time off. Maybe because I know that it’s not going to last forever. It’s likely that the next couple of years will include lots of change and responsibility, so even though I’m poor and in this weird transitional place, I’m enjoying being able to do basically whatever I want right now.

So today, that included seeing a wonderful friend from college who recently moved to Oklahoma City and was in the area today. She also has recently picked up crochet and is loving it as much as I am!

The afternoon in pics:

Driving to Denton — this includes lots and lots of traffic. Welcome to Dallas. Due to this annoying-ness, I quickly turned on some Israel Houghton and New Breed. Ah, that’s better!


I finally arrived at Big Mike’s Coffee in Denton to meet Jen. Big Mike’s is right next to UNT (which has one of the best jazz programs in the country, btw), and my carmel mocha was delish. Jen and I talked theology, ministry opportunities, but most importantly, crochet! I am so excited because we are going to have a crochet weekend in OKC in a few weeks. PUMPED. Jen shared that she is a really fast crocheter, whereas I think I’m kind of slow. As we talked about it, we discovered we have totally different techniques as to how we hold our hooks and make stitches, so I’m really looking forward to watching her in action and seeing if I can change my technique some to get faster.

Jen is such an awesome lady and it was so great getting to see a fellow AU alum, as that does not get to happen for me very often at all! Soar Ravens, soar!

Driving back was no different traffic-wise, but I do enjoy the “big sky” of Texas. After meeting with Jen and focusing on the sky rather than the traffic, I was relating to Israel’s lyrics — “Everywhere I look, Your love is all around.”



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