Flower Pot Cozy

Since I am relatively new to crochet (I’ve really only been doing it since last November), I need to be upfront and say that I definitely don’t know how to do everything yet, so projects I post on here are probably not going to be, let’s say, Etsy worthy. But maybe we can learn from each other through the process.

My DH got me some tulips from Central Market (one of my favorite places), and I decided that making a flower pot cozy for them was the first thing I wanted to make with my new yarn.

What I’m most proud of about this project is that I didn’t use a pattern. To me, this shows I’ve learned a lot, in order to be able to “wing it”. However, this also means it took me three times to get this thing looking decent. LOL

My issue with this project was in the joining/changing colors. Everything looked fine in the front, but the back…

EEK!!! (Insert horror movie stabbing scene music here)

My seam was all over the place, my stripes didn’t line up, and the right side was larger than the left. Grrr.

I ended up ripping out the whole thing and starting over.

I came to the conclusion that the reason the right side was growing was because I was weaving in my ends as I went, so those ends were making each stripe fatter, and therefore making that side expand. So the second time, I didn’t weave in my ends. This is the result:

Still not perfect, but much better, right? I didn’t even darn the ends in, I just tied them in a knot on the back side. (I’m sure this is not the “correct” technique, but hey, it worked.)

My seam is still a little zig-zaggy, but it is better, and the stripes also line up much better.

So my question to any of you crocheters out there is, do you know the formula to getting straight seams and stripes? If so, please share the love!

Overall, though, I’m proud of my little creation! Here’s the front:

Cute, huh? My color inspiration was a landscape, so it started with dirt, then moves to grass…..can you see the rest of the progression? I definitely think it makes my tulips even prettier.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




6 thoughts on “Flower Pot Cozy

  1. Very cute! I haven’t done much with changing colors “in the round”…I’ll have to play with that and see if I have a similar issue…I can’t tell, did you use a single crochet or a half double crochet stitch??

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