Love is in the Air…

Since I’m currently a stay-at-home wifey, I’m trying to be more domestic. This doesn’t come as naturally as some of you may think. I don’t really enjoy cooking or cleaning. But I’m trying. Trying to make home a happy place for DH to come to. Trying to cheer the place up, since we currently live in campus housing and aren’t allowed to paint, remodel, or do any of those fun things. We live in a beige box, basically.

SO, since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I decided to make a cheerful, festive heart bunting to celebrate. I used this pattern. The hearts are super easy, fast, and fun to make. It took about 7 minutes per heart, once I got into a rhythm. Once I had a stack of hearts, I made the chain.

To make the chain:

ch 6

sl st into 6th ch from hook (this makes a loop for your thumb tack)

*ch 25, sl st into top of heart* Repeat * * until you’ve used up all your hearts

ch 31

sl st into 6th ch from hook

Super duper easy. I made mine to cross our living room diagonally, but obviously you can make it as long or short as you want! I’m now thinking I need a bunting for every holiday, or maybe even just every day! This could easily become an obsession.

For our V-Day celebration, I cooked some marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, and rolls for dinner. DH set up a candlelit table and made the music selection to set the ambiance. We then ended with heart-shaped cakes for dessert. We each had a mini-cake, and we decorated one for the other. This turned out pretty funny. Us + piping words onto cakes = U-G-L-Y. It was really fun. Did you do anything special?




12 thoughts on “Love is in the Air…

  1. It was our first Valentine’s with a baby, and therefore the least official “celebrating” we’ve done since we met. And yet it was the BEST celebration of our love I could imagine! We’re both totally crazy about the babe, and it has drawn us even closer together, for sure. We took Amira to the doctor, got a great report, and then went out to lunch together. Amira slept through that, which made it pretty easy. Watched Moneyball last night, too. All in all a great day!

  2. I recognise those hearts lol! I made three myself and glued them onto cards for my DH and boys. We aren’t into celebrating valentines day much but I got the candles out at tea time too. The boys love having the candles on the table because they get to blow them out after. Your bunting looks great – you made lots.

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