Biggest Project to Date…

Since I got my new yarn, I knew I wanted to make a blanket. I was a little hesitant at first to actually make a blanket out of this yarn, because the colors really don’t match my living room decor at all. But I ultimately decided, who cares? This will be MY special blanket. One that will make me feel happy to snuggle with and take naps on the couch with. (I LOVE taking naps.)

Once I decided that YES, I will embark on this journey and make a blanket!, the next phase was choosing a pattern. There are, of course, several awesome Attic24 patterns: the granny stripe, the ripple, and the summer garden granny square are all very pretty and very popular. My favorite of these is the granny square, but I’ve never attempted granny squares before, and the blocking and joining of them intimidates me at this point. I also just wanted to do something different than the typical crochet blanket I see all the time. So, I started poking around through the blogosphere and I found this blanket (the cover photo). Turns out this is a free pattern on Ravelry! The blanket is made up of a stitch called “harlequin”. To me it looks like a ton of individual blocks that are joined together (like a granny square) but the blocks are actually made up in two rows. I really like this pattern, and I think it will be really pretty with my yarn. Yippee! I’m on my way.

The next (and most fun) phase: choosing my color order!

I decided from the beginning that probably the easiest method would be to stick with the color wheel, fading in and out of colors. Yes, ROY G. BIV (ya’ll know what this is, right?) is my man for this  blanket. The colors in the Lucy Pack kind of naturally follow this formula, anyway.

HOWEVER, remember how I bought some colors in addition to my Lucy Pack?

These are the ones that gave me trouble. Should I use them? Should I not use them? Where should they go? So, I proceeded to lay all of the colors out on the floor, and began to order, re-order, ask DH’s opinion, re-order again, ask another opinion….you get the idea. I really loved every minute of playing with these colors.

Ultimately, I decided to leave out the orange and yellow. I decided they were too bright and had too much gold in them. They just clashed. I used the other neutrals to kind of break up the color sections. Hopefully it won’t look weird. I just really wanted too add them in in some sort of attempt to match our decor, at least a little bit :).

So, are you ready to see the colors?

What do you think?

I actually got through the first four colors – I was to the yellow – and realized that the blanket was not going to be wide enough. What’s that saying, “Measure twice, crochet once”? Yeah, should’ve done that. I didn’t want to rip it out, but after whining about it for a few minutes, I did, because I’d rather whine about it for a little while now than whine about it not being wide enough for the next 20 years.

So here’s my current progress:

I guess it’s not SO bad against my olive green couch…….




12 thoughts on “Biggest Project to Date…

  1. I think it looks GREAT against your olive green couch! 🙂 I watch Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe on the Travel Channel, and there was fancy hotel she toured through in Belgium somewhere that had different rooms with cream colored walls with green and bright pink or green and lilac-colored accents and I was just thinking about how great of a color scheme that was!!

  2. It’s a very lovely pattern and is going to look so pretty done in all those rainbow colours. Granny Squares are so easy- don’t be put off. This looks much harder!

  3. “Yes, ROY G. BIV (ya’ll know what this is, right?)”

    Erm, no sorry…absolutely no idea but maybe this is an American reference and not someone we know over here in Blighty?

    Looking great! I’m going to look up the pattern on Ravelry now for a look.

    I like the yarn on a card thing. I have mine still all laid out on the rug! They’re going to get dusty though if I leave them for the duration of the granny stripe….

  4. that already looks so pretty! I’m the same way. I always think, it’s ok I can fix it later then I knit/crochet for another day and then rip it all out anyway. lol. Hey, if you’re going to do it, do it right!

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