Blanket progress…

So the color I deleted is the darkest purple — the second to last color. I deleted it because it was so much darker than any of the other colors, including the brown, and I just thought it looked weird. 

Would you like to see my progress?

I love the way it’s turning out. I darned in the ends when I got through all the colors. Darning is by far my least favorite part of crocheting! But I figured it’s better to do it as I go than having to do alllllll of them at the end.

So again, this is the Stylecraft Special DK color combo pack, plus white, grey, and brown, which I added. It’s very soft and snuggly, and of course, colorful!


10 thoughts on “Blanket progress…

  1. It’s looking beautiful. That purple is a VERY strong colour. I know from my Stylecraft pack. I’ve left it in. As long as there’s just the odd bit here and there I think it will be ok. The red seems really strong too.

  2. I love this pattern. How is it done? May have a name? Could I find this pattern in the internet? I would like to try this pettern.
    Your blanket is fabulous!!! color combinations gives very warm feeling. Well done!

  3. The blanket looks great! I’m not new at crocheting … But new at blogging. Check out my blog if you wish. I have started a blanket for my mom, but only 3 colors… Can’t wait to finish so I can start a colorful one.

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