Too awesome not to share…

Just saw this on Deramores’ facebook page and I wanted to share! A yarn bomber in Manchester created a “scarf” of epic proportions in honor of the upcoming London Olympics. For my friends and family who have asked me what the difference is between crochet and knitting, take note that this was all knitted. See how it’s more of a smooth fabric and the stitches look like little “v’s”? That’s how I can always tell knit from crochet. Anyway, the article seems to think it was just one person that did this – if so, man, kudos to them! Isn’t it cool? I hope they don’t take it down. This makes me want to go yarn bomb something!–Mystery-knitter-attaches-50-yard-long-scarf-featuring-woollen-athletes-pier.html


2 thoughts on “Too awesome not to share…

  1. If you want to see a crochet yarn bomber then google Babukatorium. She is a prolific crocheter, makes loads of clothes but yarn bombs too. She has a flicker page. Enjoy!

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