I just joined Bloglovin’! I’ve seen “Follow me on bloglovin” buttons on other people’s blogs, but I never really knew what it was. Today I decided to look into it, and it’s really neat.

It seems like there are three main blog worlds: Blogger, WordPress, and Typepad. Being a member of WordPress, I can easily follow any other WordPress blogs. However, what about all of the blogs I like on Blogger and Typepad? Since I’m not a member of those, I can’t officially “follow” the blogs unless I create a Blogger or Typepad account, and who wants to have to check 3 blog accounts? I can add the alien blogs to my blogroll on my blog, but I’m not notified of when they’re updated. So I’m either clicking on them all the time to be disappointed when there’s not a new post, or I forget about them and miss new posts! Kind of a pain.

Here’s where Bloglovin’ comes in. On Bloglovin’ you’re able to follow any blog from any blog provider! You just search the name of the blog and create your own blogroll. And it has an icon you can put on your toolbar (at least for Google Chrome – not sure about others), that notifies you when a blog has been updated, so there are fewer emails in your inbox!

Pretty cool. I’m pretty pumped about it. So I have joined the ranks and have added the “Follow me on Bloglovin'” to the right.

I would recommend all you blog lovers to look into this, and of course, follow me! 🙂


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