‎”The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom is to Japan, the lily is to France, the rose is to England and the tulip is to Holland.” – Jack Maguire, Historian           (Taken from my sweet friend Jenni’s facebook page)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am in the middle of moving. Moving is not fun. It is a pain, to be honest, and I would much rather be crocheting :). But today I had a nice little break from all the packing, for my DH called me and said he discovered a massive field of bluebonnets near his work.You may remember in this post that I said I was so hoping to see a real field of bluebonnets before we moved away. These sweet flowers do grow all over Fort Worth, but mostly in onesie twosies or in small patches. Most of the time people drive down I-35 into the Hillcountry to see the real fields. So when he called, I was excited! If you haven’t noticed, I have a very sweet husband. 🙂

Commence bluebonnet series:

Another family was taking pictures of their two little girls in the flowers…it was so cute because when they were sitting down the bluebonnets were as tall as they were!

There are also a ton of these yellow flowers blooming…don’t ask me what they are but they’re beautiful in bunches.

The two together…love the contrasting colors next to each other!

Since I had such a nice little break, why not continue it? 🙂

Almost two color rounds done. Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Bluebonnets!

    • Yes, I saw that you said it was -2 Celsius there – I did the conversion – that’s 28 degrees Fahrenheit! Holy moly I can’t believe you’re wearing flip flops! That’s about the coldest it ever gets here!

    • Hi Shelly, thanks for stopping by! Take I-20 and get off at the Campus Drive exit in Fort Worth. The bluebonnets are on the north side of I-20 – you can see them from the interstate. I think the name of the building is Tarrant County Resources? Enjoy!

  1. Beautiful – flowers and blanket! I don’t think we have Bluebonnets here but they look like a kind of Lupin. Lovely colour. As for the move, take up the mantra “this soon shall pass”!!!

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